The ISLB has developed the first committees to further broaden its network and to develop new exciting projects. Please find list of the committees and the chairs below.


Pashtoon Kasi

Communications Committee – Chair

The Communications committee is responsible for representing the society on social media platforms as well as recommending new ways for the society to communicate with its members and other interested parties through alternative media. The committee shall assist the Head Office in terms of creating of new substantive content areas. The members of this committee shall have a good working knowledge of social networking and appropriate outreach to members and non-members.


Natasha Leighl

Education Committee – Chair

This committee is charged to enhance and disseminate practical knowledge and application of liquid biopsy. Emphasis will be on developing countries and primary care physicians in underdeveloped countries. The Committee will develop webinars, manuals and teaching materials as well as organizing webinars, workshops and other educational sessions for groups and locations according to needs. The Executive Committee must approve all material and activities. The Education Committee may request assistance directly from the ISLB Executive Committee for activities in accordance with the priorities set by the society.


Luis Raez

Membership Committee – Chair

This committee shall be responsible for promoting the ISLB membership to the community all over the world. Members of this committee shall represent a wide geographical and scientific range as well as promoting diversity and inclusion within ISLB.  The committee shall work closely together with the ISLB Head office to manage the membership.

Quality Control &
Accreditations Committee

Nicola Fusco


The Quality Control and Accreditation Committee is an internal quality assurance body working on the services provided by the ISLB, to assess the relevance of the context and the high academic level. The committee also works on minimal quality requirements in the field of liquid biopsy and reviews applications of other meetings and societies to be endorsed by the ISLB.


Carolina Reduzzi

Young Committee – Chair

The young committee at the International Society of Liquid Biopsies (ISLB) focuses on the needs and interests of young members who are working in the field of liquid biopsies. The committee provides support and resources for early career members, including networking events, mentorship opportunities, and professional development. In addition, the young committee represents the interests of young members within the society and advocates for their needs. Overall, the goal of this committee is to support the development of the next generation of liquid biopsy experts and help them build successful careers in this field.

Committee members:
Simon Heeke, USA
Aakash Desai, USA
Angelo DiPasquale, Italy
Erick Saldanha, Brasil
Ana Ortega-Franco, UK
George Adigbli, UK
Carolina Reduzzi, USA
Diego De Miguel Perez, USA
Mohamed Gouda, USA
Roisin Daly, Ireland
Lucy Ma, Canada



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